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About JobSquad Staffing Solutions:

We Make the Hiring Process Easy

At JobSquad Staffing Solutions we have a client-based approach. We tailor everything specific to the client. Our job seekers benefit too. By having great relationships with our clients, we can provide better opportunities for candidates. This includes access to light industrial jobs, welding jobs, factory jobs, and many other career opportunities. Our business model is client retention first. It is the most important value to

JobSquad Staffing Solutions. We will be there for you 24/7!

Why Choose Our Services

We are educators, experts, and most importantly a family with a mission: to operate and industrial staffing company motivated by more than just the bottom line. Here at JobSquad, we want to make a real difference, and we do that by treating job seekers and clients as members of our team instead of just as customers. People are people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet, and because of this everyone in our offices share our success.

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